Invitation to attend training sessions

When lock down restrictions are eased, we intend on resuming training and will hold 'open' training sessions where anybody can attend. There will be no charge for these sessions.

If your child is currently NOT a club member and would like your child to attend, we request you register your details as a parent, then, once registered, please register your child as a player.

You can create any User Name, however if you have a FAN number, this is unique so please use that.

A strong password is required. A mixture of upper case, lowercase, numbers and a special character. Suggestion: Use your car registration with an exclaimation mark at the start or end. Do not use a colon : as that character is not recognised in the database.

On submission, you will be asked to confirm your details, once confirmed an email will be sent confirming your registration is current.

If you already have a child in the programme, then registering as a parent is not necessary. Please 'Log In' and add your child's details as a new player.

Triton TS Ltd